No matter what you’re selling, your furniture and fixtures should do 2 things:

  1. Complement your store’s design.
  2. Be easy and convenient for your staff to use.

Having the right fixtures in your store can increase profits and streamline transactions for your business.

For over 50 years we’ve designed hardware solutions for cabinets. In doing that we’ve learned a thing or two about cabinets and what it takes for a cabinet to be attractive, and functional. We know that cabinets in the retail space need to not only be appealing to your customers but durable.

Here are five things to consider when designing retail cabinetry:


Secure Retail cabinet fixtures with Senseon Electronic Cabinet Locks

Whether you have one store or 2,000, your store’s brand image needs to be incorporated into all of your fixtures. Whether that be the style of cabinet, or using props to properly display your merchandise, all of your displays should showcase the brand image you worked so hard to create.

You should also consider your customer’s experience. Your customers should feel comfortable enough to want to linger and browse, and ultimately spend more money. If a customer feels the same level of comfort at your Atlanta location as they do at your Beverly Hills location then you have created a consistent and effective design.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your fixtures is as vital to the customer experience as it is to your loss prevention efforts. Keeping on the topic of store comfortability, arranging your furniture so your store doesn’t feel cluttered allows your customers to move about without feeling closed in. And placing your checkout counter near the entrance allows you to greet people as they enter and exit.

From a loss prevention standpoint, strategically arranging store fixtures also aids in your Loss Prevention efforts by creating cross-store sight lines. In smaller stores, this allows your employee who may be working by themselves to have a view of the entire sales floor.

Think outside of the box

electronic locks for consumer retail/electronic stores

Don’t be afraid to stray from the conventional. Be innovative and catch your customer’s eye. Use different textures of wood or have unique openings that will awe your customers.

Jewelry counter showcases entice your customer to buy the product. These showcases can highlight one prized piece or an entire ensemble. Whereas with electronics customers want to be able to interact with the product before they buy.


Electronic locks securing jewelry stores

Lighting is a key ingredient in any visual merchandising schematic. In the jewelry industry especially, lighting can make or break a sale. Strategically placing fixtures and spotlights, draws attention to individual pieces of merchandise and adds to the overall character of the store.

Secure Properly

Securing high value or high theft merchandise inside cabinets and display cases is a major key to any successful retail operation. By properly securing merchandise, sales associates can provide better customer service and deter would-be thieves.

Senseon cabinet-level access control systems offer tamper-proof security that curbs losses without impacting the customer experience. Plus, they’re easy to use. With just the tap of a RFID card, salespeople can access locked merchandise, streamlining transactions and increasing productivity.

For the retailers that want an extra layer of control and protection, Senseon Plus offers advanced security features, such as alert/alarm functionality and dual authorization, as well as compatibility with an innovative audit trail software. Using this software, managers can track access and monitor employee activity.

All Senseon systems can be installed into new or existing fixtures and their discrete design ensures your retail displays will not be marred by visually unappealing locks and bulky keypads.

By properly securing merchandise within your retail displays, you can improve the customer experience and boost your bottom line.

To learn more about the retail solutions we offer, visit our Retail Access Control page or contact us!