Intelligent Cabinet Access Control

Senseon Plus is the next-generation of cabinet-level access control designed for doors, drawers, display cases and more. Senseon takes building access control technology down to the cabinet-level to enhance your security and business needs.

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More than a Lock

Featuring dual authentication, discrete access, and audit trail, Senseon Plus is easy to configure, enhances security and streamlines operations in any environment.

Dual Authentication

Users present two valid keys to access the desired opening. This feature brings the four-eyes principle to the cabinet level to protect valuable merchandise, scheduled medications, and other high-security items.

Discrete Access

Senseon Plus allows system administrators to assign different user access levels to one or more specific openings in a cabinet without the need to add additional readers.

Managers can assign access and control different access levels through the Senseon Plus touchscreen handheld programmer.

Audit Trail and Reports*

Increase accountability, compliance and gain more insight into your sales. Senseon Plus with audit trail helps identify who is opening what and when and mitigate operational challenges such as compliance and merchandising.

The Senseon Plus system records all events for you to view on your desktop.
*Available Winter 2019

Ease of Configuration

Senseon Plus uses an easy to use handheld programmer to streamline credential programming and collect audit trail data.

System administrators simply plug the programmer into the reader to easily add/delete users, export audit trail data, and set features.

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Manage Access, Not Keys

Senseon Plus is a subversion proof cabinet locking system comprised of low profile components that are flexible, adaptable, and scalable.


Like Senseon, Senseon Plus is comprised of modular components that install seamlessly into cabinet doors, drawers, sliding casework doors, mobile applications, and more.


Conduct compliance audits or forensic analysis*, set delayed unlock, or set an open door warning. Senseon Plus adapts to meet the security needs of your environment.
*Audit Trail Available Winter 2020


From one cabinet, to an entire floor, to an entire campus Senseon Plus scales to meet your needs with one set of credentials.

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