Our society has evolved, unfortunately so has crime. Standard cabinet locks and keys no longer stand up to the sophisticated shoplifting methods that have developed over time. This phenomenon has sent jewelers looking for alternatives to traditional cabinet lock and key systems which have changed little in more than a century.

What if there was a hidden solution with no traditional keys that create peace of mind and a seamless customer experience?

Senseon® Secure Access offers an ideal solution: a RFID-powered furniture access control system that’s hidden within a cabinet.

How does Senseon help jewelers?

A Loss Prevention Solution

This commercial-grade furniture locking system helps jewelers and other retailers of high-value merchandise tackle rising shrinkage.  A recent INSTORE magazine poll found that theft is a constant worry among jewelers everywhere.

Hidden Design

Senseon’s hidden design gives jewelry retailers easier access to merchandise while maintaining a clean aesthetic—enhancing the customer’s experience. While customers will only see the seamlessness and beauty of the design, sales associates will benefit from the ease of use.

Access Control Simplified 

In a review of Senseon’s participation at JCK Las Vegas, The Retail Jeweler magazine states, “For any jeweler considering a store or a showcase remodel program, Senseon has a product that simplifies the security of showcases.”

With Just a tap of a RFID-enabled card, fob, wristband, or token, your associates can access merchandise right on the shop floor. Plus, one reader can connect up to 15 drawers or doors – including sliding doors on display cases.


Senseon is available with multiple access options such as touch release, Easy Close, or auto open. And, with the auto relocking feature employees simply close the opening and it’s relocked, keeping merchandise secure.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your customers can say goodbye to waiting for a salesperson to find the right key to retrieve merchandise. With Senseon, closing the sales gap just got faster and makes the process look effortless. No more clumsy locks on store fixtures— an eyesore to an elegant retail space, and not to mention a tip to potential thieves of where to break in.

Senseon electronic locks seamlessly integrate into a new or existing cabinet and display-case drawers and doors of every size, shape, and design. It’s that simple.  Using patented, proven technology from Accuride® International, this electronic cabinet level access control system will often outlast the fixture installed in.

For more on how to create a seamless security experience, that enhances your security protocols, enriches the customer experience, and preserves your store’s design-visit our new jewelry security page.