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The Future-Proof Solution For Cabinet Level Security

At Senseon, security means having control of the customer experience, team dynamics, and business metrics that matter to you. Down to the finest details.

Powerfully Discreet

Full Access Control

Eliminate the need for lock and key with wireless RFID “wave-and-lock” system.

Reinforced Protection

Protect yourself from security breaches, even in case of a power failures.

Minimal Setup, Maximum Control

Improved Efficiency

Easily manage permissions and review business operations with key insights.

On-demand Support

Partner with our in-house team of experts to explore innovative solutions and new opportunities.

The Senseon System

Giving you seamless control and security at every level. Featuring a wide range of low-profile lock styles for hinged cabinets doors, sliding cabinets doors, two-way drawers, display cases and more.

  • Simple Installation
  • Reinforced Protection
  • Keyless & Discreet
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Re-imagine what’s possible.

See how one homeowner transformed his rare collection of memorabilia with Senseon’s complete access control.

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You don’t have cases left unlocked. You don’t have cases where a key was left behind in the lock. It’s definitely more high-tech.
Anthony Hoag,Jewelry Store Manager
When I looked for a product, I wanted something that was do it once, do it right, and don’t worry about it again. Senseon’s system is a key part of that.
Senseon really helps me, both on the security and the functionality side, to achieve what I’m looking for.
Julia Wong,Interior Designer
The concealed system provides greater security, efficiency, and reliability compared with the traditional lock and key.
Retail CIO Outlook,

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Born from a History of Excellence

As an innovation of Accuride, the world’s foremost manufacturer of drawer slide technology for over 60 years, Senseon represents the next chapter in cabinet-level access and security.

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Your Key to Data-Driven Intelligence

For business owners who want an edge, Senseon Plus offers enhanced control for more insight into your sales and employee activity. This is the next generation of smart access control.

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