As an innovative technology, Senseon helps improve the customer experience by making cabinet level access control simple, seamless, and satisfactory.

Senseon Keyless Cabinet Access Locks in Action

Senseon Secure Access believes that smart and secure cabinetry is a key ingredient to customer success.  Whether you’re in a jewelry boutique or a department store, it’s important for your customers to receive uninterrupted, prompt service.

That’s where Senseon electronic access & locking solutions can help. Senseon combines flexibility, simplicity, and security without compromising service or design.

We understand that in order to succeed, retailers must listen to their customer’s needs and adapt accordingly. Consumers are increasingly demanding more comprehensive and consistent customer experiences.

To ensure customers have the best customer experience, you have to abandon the traditional locks and keys.


Traditional lock and key systems can be cumbersome and unsightly. More importantly, they slow down productivity and delay customer transactions. The statistics below from a report done by the Anderson School of Management at UCLA show how traditional lock and key systems infringe upon the shopping experience:

How Senseon electronic locks improve customer experience.

One of the ways you can create a seamless experience is to replace the burdensome locks and keys with Senseon Electronic Locks. This cutting-edge, hidden furniture locking system is ideal for retail furniture and fixtures.

Senseon Theft Proof Jewelry Stores Locking Solutions

Senseon eliminates interruptions in the sales process by keeping sales associates from having to retreat to the back room or locate a manager to retrieve merchandise.

With Senseon, merchandise can be displayed according to the retailer’s merchandising plan and still be protected from potential theft.

So, the next time you ask: Is there be a simpler way to protect merchandise that’s easy to use and built to last in the most demanding commercial environments?

The answer is…Yes.  The solution is Senseon Secure Access.