Lock Out Thieves.
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Senseon’s cabinet locking systems provide simple,
intelligent protection for your valuable

Cut Your Losses with Keyless Access

No more fumbling for, losing, and replacing keys. Senseon systems provide loss-proof security and promotes top-notch service for your customers at all times.

  • Customized Access
  • Scalable Access
  • Undetectable Design
Customized Access

Senseon systems streamline transactions by providing instant access to authorized users with RFID cards or fobs.

Scalable Access

From one fixture to an entire store to a chain of stores, Senseon scales with your security and business needs.

Undetectable Design

Senseon systems seamlessly conceal into any new or existing fixtures.

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Senseon in Action

With an eye on improving the customer experience without compromising the security required in a jewelry store, Joseph Jewelry partnered with Senseon to install their keyless locking system. Anthony Hoag concluded,

“The Senseon System paired nicely with how we feel about technology…with the traditional key approach, first you have to make sure you’re not losing those keys. If the employee left their key in the showcase and stepped away, now it’s free access to everyone.”

Designed By Us, for You

Between shrinkage and replacing lost keys, your jewelry business can easily fall victim to profit and productivity loss. That’s why Senseon’s innovative security system is keyless, painless, and designed to protect your assets at all costs.

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Senseon One

There’s a reason that the savviest jewelry store owners use Senseon to cut their losses and increase their profits. It simply works.

  • Auto Relock
  • Simplified Key Management
  • Fail Secure
  • High-Caliber Technology
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Senseon Plus

For jewelry store owners who want an extra layer of protection and control, discover how Senseon Plus will give you complete peace of mind your business demands.

  • Audit Trail
  • Discrete Access
  • Dual Authorization
  • Unsecure Alarm
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Secure Any Setup, Anywhere

Senseon’s electronic locking system can be retrofitted for any fixture, so no matter your setup, you never have to compromise the security of your assets.

3-Steps to Secure

We know that switching to a new security system can feel overwhelming. That’s why our planning and installation process is done in three painless steps.




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