Did you know the presence of a home security system deters burglars from breaking into a home? According to a report from the University of North Carolina, 60 percent of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system discouraged them from breaking into a home.

Sometimes a standard home security system doesn’t give you the peace of mind you’re looking for in a home. And a lot of times when planning home security measures it’s hard to prepare for everything. Most systems often only secure doors, windows, and other entry points. But how do you keep the contents inside your home safe?

That’s where Senseon comes in. Senseon is the revolutionary answer to traditional cabinet locks. Our team of engineers created a revolutionary answer to traditional cabinet locks. This integrated cabinet locking system features an electronic lock mounted on an Accuride drawer slide instead of the cabinet-significantly increasing the lock’s strength.

Whether you’re securing jewelry, medication, or firearms, Senseon is versatile enough to be installed anywhere you need security in the home, such as:


Just like in jewelry stores, beautiful jewelry, watches, and other valuable collectibles should be stored in a manner that complements their beauty.

secure high valuable merchandise by senseon electronic locks built into your closet

Senseon’s unobtrusive design allows a great deal of design freedom. This means you can secure these items in a display case or keep them hidden without worrying about keyholes or locks.

In instances where you have an existing cabinet that needs to be secured, Senseon can be easily retrofitted into your design. All you need is a half-inch of side space, and you can have your cabinet secure in a matter of minutes.

The average property dollar loss per burglary is an astounding $2,251. (Safewise)

Home Office

Senseon secures important documents such as passports, family records, and medical records and keeps them readily accessible.

secure important documents in your home office with peace of mind with senseon electronic locks

Instead of keeping important documents in a lock box at a facility away from your home, you can keep everything just a tap away. Using a key card, fob or wristband gives you instant access to your documents any time you need them.

A house is burglarized every 18 seconds in the United States. (Safewise)

Gun Cabinets

Firearm safety doesn’t stop with unloading the gun after use. How you store firearms is a big part of maintaining security in the home.

protect firearms from children and hazards using senseon electronic locks

Senseon electronic locks are four times stronger than traditional keyed locks. This strength keeps your guns safe from curious hands and makes it nearly impervious to strongarm subversion attempts.

Medicine Cabinets

Whether stored in the kitchen or the bathroom, medications left unsecured can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Being human, it’s natural to forget things such as securing cabinets… Fortunately, Senseon doesn’t.

Senseon integrates into kitchen or the bathroom, medications left unsecured can be dangerous in the wrong hands

Senseon’s integrated auto re-lock feature keeps your medicine safe even if you forget to secure it yourself. With auto re-lock, you can program the delay between the drawer or door closing and locking. Whether it’s immediately or one minute, you can program Senseon to meet your needs.

942,177 homes fell victim to burglary in 2015 (Safewise)

Additionally, in the event of a power outage, Senseon’s fail-secure feature keeps contents secure, only to be accessed with a manual override switch. While designing, you may not always know what you need until you need it. That’s where our team can help.

We work with you to ensure your most valuable collections are secure and your family is safe. Why wait until something happens to secure your valuables? By being proactive, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in losses and damage.

Visit our residential solutions page for information on how Senseon can help secure your home or you can request a call back by filling out the form below.

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