Secure your Entire Home. Not Just the Front Door.

Take control of your cabinet-level security with Senseon’s powerful smart lock system.

The Missing Piece to Residential Security.

For homeowners, surveillance is not the same as protection. The Senseon System fills the gap left by traditional home security, offering user-friendly access control for cabinets, drawers, and display cases.

  • Upgrade your Space
  • Protect and Prevent
  • Simplify your DIY
Upgrade your Space

Eliminate traditional lock and keys with our wireless “wave-and-lock” system.

Protect and Prevent

Reduce human error with auto relock and customizable access permissions.

Simplify your DIY

Complement new or existing fixtures with low profile locks and flexible integration.

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Keep What’s in Your Safe, Safe.

Memorabilia, medicine, documents, firearms, jewelry — we can help protect anything that you cannot risk to lose.

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Senseon is a commercial-grade cabinet locking system designed for seamless integration into any fixture, including those in your home. Designed for cabinet doors, drawers, and closets, Senseon Systems bolster your home security to increase your peace of mind.

  • Auto Relock
  • Simplified Key Management
  • Fail Secure
  • High-Caliber Technology
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Your Home, Your Way

With a wide range of lock options, Senseon can adapt to all your home security needs.

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