Home design trends are changing almost by the minute. But one thing that isn’t changing is the need for security in the home.

In designing a home interior, you not only design for aesthetics, you design for functionality and comfort.

One definition refers to home as, “the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.” For someone to feel at home, there needs to be some level of security in place. That can be anything from an alarm system to surveillance cameras.

Typically, when we think of home security, we think of security systems that protect access points such as windows and doors in the home. While these home security methods are great, sometimes they’re not enough to secure the contents inside the house.

It can take more than a traditional CAM lock to secure potentially hazardous items such as medications, firearms, and cleaning supplies. This is where the Senseon Secure Access system comes in.

This flexible, cabinet-level access control system is the ideal solution to securing valuables in the home and here’s why:


In a previous Senseon in the home post, Jerry Wilson from Bespoke Design & Consulting installed Senseon into a luxury home in South Florida. One thing he loved about the system is its seamlessness. Wilson was able to install Senseon in a multi-drawered jewelry case with no cumbersome keyholes or external readers.


Senseon electronic cabinet locks are four times stronger than traditional locks and keys. Not only does this keep items safe from potential wrongdoers, Senseon also keeps hazardous items safe from children and elderly residents.

As a product of Accuride, we design, manufacture, and test these cabinet locks to the same standards that we do Accuride drawer slides. As the drawer slides are tested anywhere between 50,000 and 80,000 cycles, Senseon locks undergo similar testing to ensure resiliency.


We often talk about how easy it is to use Senseon. Installing Senseon is easy too. Comprised of a reader, a hub, a power supply, and locking mechanism, you can install Senseon in minutes. In the event you have a problem integrating Senseon, our team is at the ready to help you get your system up and running in a timely fashion.

For your next remodel or home build, be sure to check out our design guide. This guide will show you how to create a secure and safe cabinet.

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