As crime continues to become more sophisticated, security measures need to do so as well, everywhere you go – including your home.

Senseon is often used to secure items in commercial environments, such as retail and healthcare settings, its flexible design also lets you bring commercial-strength security into your home. Having an additional layer of protection for such items as valuable jewelry, medications, firearms, family heirlooms, and sensitive documents will bring peace of mind to you as a homeowner.

By being hidden inside a cabinet drawer or door, Senseon electronic locks for closets foil attempts to locate valuable or hazardous items. These low-profile electronic locks are four times stronger than traditional lock and key systems, making Senseon a great tool for making potentially harmful articles and materials inaccessible to children, house guests, or staff.

3d rendering wood wardrobe and walk in closet near window

Senseon Electronic Locks Protect Closets and Cabinets

Electronic Locks in Action

In a unique application in a luxury home in South Florida, Jerry Wilson, president of Bespoke Design & Consulting, sought out an inconspicuous locking system in a custom closet in the master wing.

“The homeowners needed commercial-strength security to protect their jewelry collection, but wanted to avoid keyholes because they alert potential thieves to valuable items, are unsightly and require finding the right key,” Wilson says.

Wilson first encountered Senseon at our booth at GlobalShop, where it immediately impressed him. It proved to be the perfect solution for securing high-value items.

“They [the homeowners] love the new system,” Wilson says. “It’s invisible and state-of-the-art, they know their valuables are safe, and they don’t have to fumble around for or hide a key. They just use a smart card for access.”

In addition to the security benefits of Senseon, its aesthetic features add to the luxury of your home. The Easy-Close feature brings drawers to a soft, gentle close every time. While, touch release allows cabinet fronts to be designed with no knobs or pulls, all while keeping the contents behind in drawers and behind doors secure.

Securing the outer doors and the windows on your house is one thing, but knowing the valuables inside your home are safe, and sound brings that extra peace of mind you want in your home.

To integrate Senseon electronic locks into your home, give us a call at 800-688-8242 or send us an email, and let’s talk about your home security needs.

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