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Keyless Furniture Access Control Locks

Senseon Secure Access offers electronic locks for a variety of slides, be it undermount or side mount. Customers can choose from standalone e-locks, such as the 10EL, or e-locks already integrated onto slides, such as the 38EL. Users can also choose e-locks with features for added convenience, such as Touch Release or Auto-Open.

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Touch Release Locks

The Touch Release feature ejects a drawer with a soft press, provided the user has already unlocked the drawer via keycard. This is another popular option for those seeking a more seamless, concealed design for their drawers and contents. This is a great feature to add to display cabinet locks. Ideal for: utility, commercial, and emergency vehicles; retail display cabinets, and office storage.

Auto-open Locks

The Auto-Open feature automatically ejects a drawer after a user tap or waves a keycard in front of the embedded reader. This feature gives users the freedom to secure a drawer’s contents without the use of a handle. Auto-open cabinets/doors make for a popular choice with art galleries, retail spaces, and other high-value environments that seek to conceal both contents and the storage applications they’re placed in. Ideal for: healthcare storage and medical carts, as well as parcel lockers.

Easy-Close Locks

The Easy-Close feature uses a special mechanism to bring drawers to a smooth, gentle close. This is an ideal feature for keyless cabinet locks in fast-paced environments where drawer slamming is common. Ideal for: heavy-duty suppliers, chemical and pharmaceutical storage, and retail display cases.

Standard Electronic Locks

Senseon offers standalone electronic cabinet locks for drawers and sliding doors. These basic e-locks are slim and compact, yet able to withstand hundreds of pounds of break-force and consume little power.

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