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Redefining Access Control

From Audit Trail to Auto Relock, Senseon systems bring the security of building-level access control to the cabinet-level to keep your valuables safe.


A standalone smart locking system designed for seamless installation into new and existing doors, drawers, and more in any system.

  • Auto Relock
  • Fail Secure
  • Simplified Key Management
  • High Strength Security
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Senseon Plus

A self-contained intelligent cabinet access control system, Senseon Plus has all the features of Senseon plus

  • Audit Trail
  • Dual Authentication
  • Discrete Access
  • Easy Configuration
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Senseon is a smart, standalone cabinet locking system designed to provide a seamless, reliable locking solution for doors, drawers, and more in any environment.

This system increases operational efficiencies by streamlining access to secured contents and key management practices.

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Senseon Plus brings intelligent access control to the cabinet-level to the with advanced subversion protection features.

Equipped with an audit trail, dual authentication, discrete access, and more, Senseon Plus enhances security in any application.

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