Whether security integrators are creating or reviewing a scope of work document (SOW), it’s important to keep the customer’s project objectives in mind.

Customers want an improved security solution that protects employees, consumers, and business assets.  Between video surveillance and access control solutions, most of these issues are covered.

However, cabinet security is often overlooked.  This is one of the best opportunities for integrators and consultants to create a deliverable that meets and exceeds a customer’s overall project goals.

Today, we’ll cover why integrators should evaluate cabinet security when writing their scope of work and how this kind of security can fit into existing projects.

Let’s jump right in!

The Downsides of Broad Surveillance

According to SDM Magazine, the state of the market is at an all-time high for video surveillance and access control.  But broad and sweeping surveillance systems are never perfect.

Even after hours of strategic and tactical planning, surveillance systems can contain gaps in coverage that leave critical assets exposed.  A camera might be positioned incorrectly or a door alarm might not sound when triggered.  These leave holes in a customer’s security apparatus that are easy to exploit.

Surveillance tools are also fallible.  Maybe a camera lacks the expected range of coverage or is knocked off of alignment.  A door at a high-traffic checkpoint may end up propped open because it’s a hassle for employees to deal with.

These tools can only handle issues at a macro level. Customers willing to sign off on a statement of work that only addresses those project goals may be missing a larger opportunity to protect themselves and their assets.

Security integrators can help by recognizing those issues when reviewing scope of work documentation and recommending alternative solutions for project success.

A More Granular Security Solution

Cabinet security is a powerful project deliverable that can help customers interact with their security at a more granular level.

Many organizations need more than a single layer of security.  Access-controlled checkpoints and entryways will not prevent team members who have access from reaching protected valuables.

Using an RFID-enabled locking solution, customers can protect their business assets and information from theft by limiting access to a handful of trusted individuals.  This is useful for essential business documents, high-value retail items, and even critical supplies without becoming obvious or obtrusive.

RFID-enabled locking solutions, such as Senseon, empower business owners to better protect important documents, critical supplies, and other high-security items stored in cabinetry.

For integrators, providing this level of security is a huge opportunity.  When customers are trying to determine their project goals, integrators can address this problem early and offer a secure solution.  Doing so eliminates miscommunication and reduces the possibility of cabinet installations falling prey to scope creep farther down the line.

Improving the End Product

Integrators should always look for the opportunity to improve upon the final deliverable.  By evaluating the project overview and assessing the customer’s problem statement, integrators can leverage their industry expertise to make a difference.

Contactless, RFID-controlled cabinets are a new solution in the modern security market.  According to recent research from SSI, keyless entry and exiting solutions are deployed about 24% of the time, specifically at entryways and exits.

This is a commonly used technology for the larger market, but customers may not assess cabinet security as part of their project requirements simply because they don’t know that it exists.

For integrators, discussing cabinet security is a great way to seize an opportunity and demonstrate professional expertise.  Done early, this can lead to additional project milestones and help customers build a more effective SOW.

To broach this topic, have your sales team isolate the need for a controlled security solution early on.  If this is the type of work that needs to be done, talk to customers about their expected outcomes, and how to add cabinet locking solutions to the project schedule.

Better Integrator ROI

Internally, cabinet security can be a revenue booster for integrators.

It takes time and expertise to install locking mechanisms for cabinet security, which leads to more work and a longer contract lifecycle.  It can also lead to extended delivery dates, project expansions, and additional payment terms.

In order to complete this task, integrators may need to hire an independent contractor or work with a team of experts to get everything they need for these specific tasks.

Work with project managers and stakeholders to determine the need and what you need in order to meet those requirements before getting started.

Expand Your Project Scope With Senseon

Customers are looking for a security solution that helps them maintain safety and security across their entire organization.

A security system is not a profit driver or a revenue stream.  It’s a necessary expense that customers are willing to pay in order to help them stay in control of their environment and protect themselves.

An effective integrator partner can help them succeed by recommending more granular solutions to their security problems — and the Senseon team can help!

Our RFID-enabled cabinet locks are custom-built for the cabinets your customer needs to protect.  When you work with Senseon, our technical support team helps you determine the best solution for customers and walks you through everything you need to know for a successful installation.  The best part: Our technical services are complimentary and are available at no additional cost to you.

Senseon access control system in retail display

Stay one step ahead of thefts and shrinkage and fortify your loss prevention strategies with Senseon’s highly-intelligent electronic locking systems.

Before your next project kickoff, take a look at everything Senseon has to offer and get in touch to learn how to leverage Senseon resources into your next security project.