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Do you have questions about Senseon RFID furniture locking devices? We have compiled a list of questions that are asked on a regular basis and provided the answers to them on our FAQs Page. You’ll find answers to questions about products, design & installation, programming, ordering, and security.

You can also visit our YouTube channel where we’ve posted videos of some our most frequently asked questions.


How-To Guides

Design Guide

How to design with Senseon

Design a cabinet using Senseon components.


Install Guide

How to install Senseon

Step-by-step Senseon installation instructions.


Order Guide

How to order Senseon

Determine what you need for your Senseon system.


Programming Guide

How to program Senseon

Add/delete users and manage secure access


Design Guide:

This guide will walk you through the planning and design of a cabinet using Senseon components. This includes: mounting features for the proximity reader, positions and clearance for the power supply, hub space requirements, lock placement, and cable routing. For information on how to install these components, please refer to the installation guide.

Install Guide:

This guide walks you through the installation process of Senseon keyless RFID lock to ensure your Senseon system is installed effectively. It is best to plan your design ahead of time with the Senseon Design Guide.

Ordering Guide:

The ordering guide walks you through how to order the components you need to make your Senseon Secure Access System work. This guide includes measurements and optional pieces that can be included with the access control kit.

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