When it comes to your dispensary, securing your cannabis from theft is of the utmost concern. While designing your retail space, you’ll need to consider what type of fixtures, security systems, and access control systems will meet your state’s compliance regulations and work best for your needs.


The ideal fixtures used to store products in your dispensary are up to you, based on the desired look and feel of your retail space. They can range from drawers, cabinets, display cases, or kiosks in the material or materials that best fit your store’s aesthetic. Choose white fixtures to create an Apple store-like vibe, lucite for a modern look, wood cabinets for a rustic or health food store feel, etc.

In this retail space, white fixtures create a sleek, high-tech look and feel.

Security and Access Control Systems

To protect your cannabis from theft and make sure your dispensary is aligned with your state’s compliance regulations, you need to install a security system and access control system. According to Medlin’s Complete Guide to Cannabis Security, compliance standards require systems that ensure:

  • Access to cannabis is regulated
  • The product is secure at all times
  • All inventory is tracked
  • In the event of a security incident, notifications are sent
  • Digital records are kept and stored safely

Meeting these standards is simple with the right security and access control systems in place. Wondering what to look for? The ideal security system should have:

  • High-definition cameras for surveillance and monitoring the product and the dispensary
  • The capacity to safely store digital footage, which can then be reviewed in case of an emergency
  • Intrusion alarms that activate if a perpetrator breaks into your dispensary after hours when no one is there

Look for an access control system that automatically relocks, offers customizable permissions for staff, keeps track of who is accessing the product and when they’re doing it, and sends a notification if a security breach is attempted. 

The Security Solution

Senseon cabinet-level access control systems are the ideal security solution when it comes to aesthetics and entry. 

All Senseon systems can easily and seamlessly be installed into any new or existing fixtures in your dispensary to keep your product safe and secure. Unlike key locks, combination locks, or keypads, their discreet design is undetectable from the outside of the fixture, doesn’t require you to punch any holes into your fixtures or replace lost keys, and won’t interfere with your retail aesthetic. 

In addition, an auto relock feature ensures that the product is secure at all timeseven if employees forget to lock up or the power goes out. 

Senseon Plus allows you to designate varying levels of employee accessdown to each individual drawerand tracks who is accessing which area and when they’re doing it. If an unauthorized user attempts to access a forbidden space, connected systems such as video surveillance or a silent alarm will be alerted. 

Senseon helps dispensary owners secure valuable inventory with discreet electronic locking systems.

Visit our Cannabis Security page to see how Senseon is helping dispensaries ensure product safety and security—and how we can help your cannabis business mitigate risk and comply with regulatory agencies.