A lot has changed over the years when it comes to locking mechanisms. From James Sargeant’s first smart locks in the 1800s to modern facial recognition systems of today, lock and key systems have come a long way since their origin. The first intuitive lock was patented in 1975 by Tor Sørnes. This opened the door for a plethora of authentication methods from passwords to RFID tags. Up until recently, more advanced locking technologies were reserved for government and other businesses.

As the technology advances it seems that more companies want to do away with the easy to lose and easy to copy key. There are still a great number of reservations surrounding the benefits of the electronic locking system.

Therefore, businesses such as retail, jewelry stores, healthcare, and commercial offices should consider the benefits of the keyless access control locks.

Here are five assumptions about keyless Electronic locks that Senseon debunks:

1. E-lock systems fail in power outages

During electrical power failures, Senseon secures inventory in your cabinets or enclosures and stays locked and closed. The Senseon locking system is equipped with a manual override feature that allows cabinets to be opened in the event of a power outage.

2. E-locks are not just big, but they’re bulky

It’s quite the opposite. Senseon e-locks boast a half-inch profile. In fact, Senseon cabinet access control locks for bottom mount drawers and furniture are ideal for designs with no side space for a slide.

3. E-locks are vulnerable to predators

In truth, they offer the highest level of protection possible. Senseon Standalone E-locks are ideal for securing drawers and doors with valuable content inside. This invisible lock has the ability to seamlessly integrate into a design, there are no impressions or key holes present on the cabinet front for potential targets.

4. Keyed locks are more secure

Senseon can withstand up to 250 lbs. of break force. That’s 400% stronger than a traditional lock and key. Senseon furniture locks are small in size but make up for it with their strength. Where keyed and other electronic locks can be manipulated, Senseon is built to counter manipulation attempts.

5. E-Locks are hard to install

The Senseon Secure Access Control System is comprised of several modular components, so it requires no electrical or wiring knowledge. Once mounted to the fixture properly, you simply plug the system in and its ready to use. Even retrofitting is simple. As long as your fixture has at least a half-inch of space, it can be outfitted with a Senseon electronic locking system.

Our standalone locks can assume various positions in your fixture including; under the drawer, above the drawer, or on the side of the drawer. We even have a lock that can be retrofitted for sliding doors.

Electronic locks have evolved to be every bit as reliable as traditional locks. In some ways, they are even more secure. Next time you’re looking for a secure locking solution, don’t discount electronic locks.

For more information on Senseon and how we work with you, click on the link below to look through the various markets we serve.

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