Despite years of innovation, effective cabinet security is still an expensive hurdle for many enterprises. Every solution has its own set of problems. Keypads wear out and drawer locks can give the wrong impression to customers.

That’s why Senseon is focused on creating keyless electronic cabinet locks for seamless access and enhanced control.

Now, we’re excited to announce the release of Senseon Plus, the next step in cabinet-level access control for business owners.

Senseon Plus adds powerful capabilities and insights to any sized operation.

Senseon Plus is built upon our award-winning RFID card locking system and our existing lineup of keyless locks. We’re adding new features that help you improve security, enhance team dynamics, and control the customer experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s new with Senseon Plus and how these upgrades add additional business intelligence to your existing security solution.

Say Goodbye to Door Locks and Codelocks

Senseon is focused on keeping your cabinet doors, file cabinets, and sliding doors secure without the need for gaudy deadbolts, oversized combination locks, or expensive biometric scanners.

Our RFID locking system creates a high level of security while keeping a low profile. This is ideal for brands that need to store business essentials, operational material, or merchandise in an unobtrusive way.

No more security bars. No more jingling keys. As long as your employees have a designated keycard, they have access to any lock designated to them during the system setup process.

This also provides a measure of self-protection for your cabinet locks. Because the locking hardware and reader is installed within the cabinet it protects, anyone without a key won’t be able to access the locking mechanism.

Senseon Plus adds data-driven business intelligence to your security infrastructure in a big way. Our audit trail software allows you to gather metrics that you can use to maximize team productivity and future-proof your daily operations.

Keyless Cabinet Locks Just Got Smarter

Senseon Plus works by enabling your cabinet locks to capture access information while keeping your fixtures secure. This data would be next to impossible to acquire with a padlock or deadbolt.

It all starts with the handheld system programmer. Using this unit, you’ll be able to designate which cards have access to a specific cabinet. These discrete access controls allow you to create a hierarchy within your locking system by designating which employees can access specific contents. You can even set up dual authentication so that multiple employees need to be present in order to access a specific cabinet door lock.

With Senseon Plus, everything happens in the background as cabinets are accessed using the unique RFID keycards coded to your locking solution. Here are just a few pieces of actionable intelligence you can gather from the Senseon Plus dashboard.


With the Senseon Plus dashboard, you can easily access the metrics that matter to you and your organization.

Number of Access Attempts

Have you ever wanted to know whether employees and customers are trying to access restricted products?

With Senseon Plus, you can check the number of access attempts that take place over time within a specific location and whether or not the attempts were successful.

A high number of failed attempts may indicate a problem within your business infrastructure — for example, if employees don’t have access to the tools they need to perform effectively — or something more critical that requires further investigation.

Access attempts can be distributed hourly for both granted and denied attempts. Using this data, it’s possible to assess business trends and secure valuable assets before they are lost to theft — something that around 9% of small business owners experienced in 2017, according to Insureon.

Cabinet Open Times and Controller Activity

With Senseon Plus, you’ll also be able to see when the RFID controller receives access requests, when doors are unlocked, and how long the electronic lock is disengaged.

This information can be critical to your business operation because it provides additional insight into how your inventory and resources are accessed.

If a display case on the far side of your sales floor is accessed more than every other case near the register, your employees would waste time walking the floor in order to access the contents. With Senseon Plus, you could spot the high number of openings and determine the best course of action.

Should you move the case contents closer to the register for easier access? Do employees only access a particular cabinet as specific times in the day?

While the data Senseon Plus provides won’t tell you what you should do, it can deliver valuable insights that help you save time and money.

Overall User Activity

If your employees regularly access your cabinet and furniture locks throughout the course of the day, the activity data within Senseon Plus can give you insight into employee performance.

Because Senseon Plus uses electronic cabinet locks that are coded to RFID cards, you’re able to assign specific cards to specific individuals and track employees over a set period of time. This allows you to leverage your access control system to monitor productivity, review the impact of a policy change, and more effectively train your staff.

User activity monitoring can also help your team reduce employee theft, something that happens in companies of all sizes. In fact, according to research compiled by Hiscox, 80% of thefts occur in companies with fewer than 150 employees and just under half had fewer than 25 employees.

When combined with the number of cabinet access attempts and the times at which the electronic locks are disabled, you can gather insights into where your employees are located in your business and which products are handled on a regular basis.

In the event that a product goes missing, you can also use the audit trail Senseon Plus provides to determine the likely cause.

Intuitive Controls and Anywhere Access

Managing any security system is hard work. Between video surveillance, alarms, and access control, it doesn’t take very long for your system to get out of hand.

If the thought of adding electronic cabinet locks to your security lineup feels overwhelming, don’t worry. We made Senseon Plus and the electronic locks in the Senseon lineup easy to set up and control.

And leaving the office doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye on things. The Senseon Plus dashboard is based in the cloud, so you’ll be able to review any previously uploaded data and gather additional insights on any Senseon-controlled cabinet locks from anywhere. You’ll also receive alarms and notifications of break-ins and unattended cabinet openings.

Security Experts At Your Disposal

Creating an effective access control solution for cabinets can be extremely frustrating. Like most security solutions, every set of cabinets is unique. This means that many locking systems and cabinet solutions require some kind of retrofit in order to work effectively.

That’s why Senseon specializes in cabinet-level access control solutions that can be customized to suit your business. Our team of security experts can consult with you and help you get the products you need to create an effective security solution for your business.

Get in touch with a Senseon Plus representative to see how you can turn cabinet security into a business asset. We’ll show you how you can achieve maximum control and data-driven business intelligence with minimal setup.