Shopping has never been easier. Today, you can buy online and have items to your door within days, if not hours. But, if you’re feeling particularly impatient, you can now order online and, almost immediately, pick up in-store. Not only does this cut shipping costs, but it creates a frictionless shopping experience—click to buy then, minutes later, pick up at your local store.

That said, the shifts in click-and-brick have changed the retail security landscape in a big way—and, as a retailer, it’s critical you understand the risks, the needs and the emerging demands in this new retail security order.

Balancing Security and Convenience

Ordering online and picking up in-store is all about one thing: convenience. And these convenience-first shoppers want a positive experience, or they’ll click and head elsewhere. Today’s shoppers aren’t just focused on stores with the best prices—they also want stores that offer the best, most frictionless process for getting what they want, when they want it.

That said, this shift has put more strain on retail security. Now, when a customer places an order for in-store pick up, that item needs to be pulled and held securely until it’s picked up. Make the customer wait too long and it’s a less-than-optimal experience. Leave products in plain sight and they could easily walk out—especially small, high-ticket items.

The goal, then, is to strike a balance between accessibility and security, while giving on-the-floor employees complete access—and complete control. When a customer walks in for pick-up, your employees should be able to turn over the product fast, with no lag, no downtime and no searching through back rooms and racks to find that order.

Keeping Online Orders Secure with Senseon

With Senseon Secure’s retail security system, your business can keep online orders safe and secure until they’re picked up—then easily accessed by any employee. RFID-enabled cabinets and drawers store virtually any product, and can be opened with a quick tap—and those open/closes can be easily tracked should a problem arise. What’s more, with Accuride Drawer Slides’ touch-release and easy-close technology, once that online order is picked up, cabinets close and auto-relock, ensuring no one else gets in—and nothing gets out.

The benefits of a click-and-brick perspective are unparalleled. Place Senseon at the front of the store, and customers won’t even have to pass through to get their purchases—and, at the same time, you’ll curb in-store traffic in a big way. It’s a simple solution, but one that can have significant benefits—customers will have a totally seamless, multi-channel experience with your brand and, no doubt, keep coming back for more.

Its security meets simplicity meets speed—and it’s the ultimate retail experience for your customers, especially as more gravitate to this cross-channel approach to shopping.

Learn more about Senseon’s RFID-enabled cabinet locking systems, designed for retail—and designed to combat the brick-and-click challenges.

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