Senseon Plus is keeping good company in INSTORE Magazine’s latest article on hot jewelry pro gear. INSTORE Magazine, a cornerstone publication aimed at jewelry retailers, recently reviewed the latest need-to-have technology. Their list included the world’s first portable spectrometer, a crystal-inspired ring holder, and Senseon’s next generation of intelligent cabinet-level access control. Humbled to be among such brilliant company, Senseon Plus is celebrated for its innovative and revolutionary security features.

For retail jewelers, security is an utmost concern. Senseon Plus is all about managing access to cabinet doors, drawers, and more, not keys. Featuring dual authentication, discrete access, easy configuration, and audit trail, Senseon Plus consolidates operations in any environment.

One of its biggest draws is that you can enhance security without sacrificing aesthetics. Comprised of low-profile components, Senseon Plus installs seamlessly into any store fixture or display case. INSTORE Magazine highlighted Senseon Plus’s streamlined access management, automatic relocking, and its concealed, high-strength locks as its most notable features.

To see more about Senseon Plus and what other cool, savvy technology it ranks among, read INSTORE Magazine’s article.

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