Yahoo! Finance, a premier source for business news, featured the release of Senseon Plus with audit trail software in a recent article. Merging actionable operations data with an award-winning locking system, Senseon Plus offers a data-driven security solution for cabinet doors, drawers, and display cases.

Advanced features like dual authentication, activity monitoring, and alert/alarm functionality allow users to discreetly manage teams and gather key insights to push business forward.

In addition, Senseon Plus’s Cloud-based audit trail software offers users the following benefits:

Actionable Intelligence – The system provides data businesses can act on, including revealing cabinet access information. These details and other information generated by Senseon Plus can then be used to make sound decisions in a variety of business environments.

Readily Available Compliance Data – Information collected by Senseon Plus reports can be used to quantify productivity and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements in healthcare, finance, and retail environments.

Informed Analysis for Forensic Investigations – Thanks to Senseon Plus, both asset protection personnel and security professionals can streamline investigations if theft occurs. The system facilitates the process of correlating data with surveillance footage after a security breach.

As an innovation of Accuride – the world’s leader in drawer slide technology since 1962 – Senseon Plus represents a new standard for intelligent security. Learn more at

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