As of August 2019, Senseon Secure Access is on Health Facilities Management’s radar. The reputable publication recently highlighted Senseon in its round-up of savvy solutions for laundry, cleaning, and other innovative products in the healthcare sector. Dedicated to covering all of the latest changes and discoveries in health facility design, construction, and operations, it’s no surprise that cabinet-level access from Senseon caught the eye of HFM.

Developed by global movement solution and drawer slide manufacturer, Accuride International, Senseon Secure Access harnesses the power of RFID to replace traditional lock and keys with an electronic locking system that’s easy to install, program, and install. With e-locks that accommodate drawers, doors, display cases, and more, Senseon not only heightens security for medications, supplies, and sensitive information in health facilities, it streamlines personnel access to these items. This in turn has given Senseon the reputation of increasing the efficiency of everyday operations and enhancing patient care.

Senseon provides commercial-grade security, and its modular design makes it adaptable to any environment in which safety and compliance standards must be met day in and day out, including health clinics and hospitals. The RFID system allows Administrators to manage User access of any scale or scope–whether you need to secure multiple fixtures in a room, an entire floor, or your whole building. Lastly, Senseon is a flexible solution with e-locks integrated with drawer and door slides or stand-alone options, so it can be integrated into any cabinet hardware.

With the recent launch of Senseon Plus, the second generation of electronic-locking cabinet-level access will include enhanced features such as audit trail and reports, dual authentication, and discrete access, which is especially useful for medical institutions and clinics that adhere to the highest safety and protection standards. Health Facilities Management recognized Senseon Secure Access for making healthcare smarter and easier. Say a final goodbye to your old lock and keys and greet the security of the future with Senseon!

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