January 29, 2018

Retail jewelers know that success requires more than offering exquisite merchandise. A store’s interior, including display cases, have to set the right tone, with beauty and functionality. Equally important, the staff has to be able to create a continuous chain of sale – engaging the customer with ongoing eye contact and superior service, without interruptions that might hinder the sale.

Yet, while making it easy for employees to let customers touch and feel the merchandise, store owners also need to secure the jewelry in their display cases and cabinets.

Luckily, there is a solution. Senseon Secure Access is a keyless, hidden, versatile electronic locking system. It’s easy to install with virtually any kind of fixtures; simple to use, and extremely effective at preventing theft.

Senseon helps jewelers offer the ultimate luxury shopping experience, complete with a perfect ambiance and sales process, while also safeguarding merchandise. It enables owners and managers to enhance aesthetics (with no visible locks or keyholes), improve the customer experience (with unlocking of cases and cabinets), and strengthen security (with tougher locks and an auto-relock feature).

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Source: hhttp://www.theretailjeweler.com/new-noteworthy/2018/01/29/senseon-secure-access-helps-jewelers-improve-customer-experience-and-prevent-theft.html