July 3, 2017

Steve Lasky, editorial director for Locksmith Ledger International, recently talked with Greg Rewers, Solutions Marketing Director for Senseon Secure Access, a business segment of Accuride International. The full interview and article appeared on Locksmith Ledger’s website.

The article notes, that Senseon is the smart successor to the traditional lock and key for cabinetry in high-end and consumer electronics stores and other commercial environments, adding that the solution frees users from inefficiencies, high maintenance costs, design constraints and esthetic limitations and sets a new standard for cabinet-level access control.

This keyless, cabinet-level, electronic secure access locking system uses RFID to provide greater security and efficiency while enhancing the customer experience for increased sales. Cabinet designers and manufacturers and commercial establishments no longer have to contend with unwieldy and often unreliable locks and keys. 

Click here to read the full interview.

Source: https://www.locksmithledger.com/locks/article/12341038/unique-cabinet-lock-offers-locksmiths-new-option