Our Solutions Marketing Director for Senseon® Secure, Greg Rewers, has been making a name for himself as of late. Greg has recently appeared in not one, but TWO media outlets in the past week: Surface & Panel Magazine and RFID Journal.

In an article titled “No More Traditional Lock and Key,” Surface & Panel’s Scott W. Angus interviewed Greg to understand how Senseon signals the future of secure access. In the article Greg states: “In retail today, it’s all about the customer experience with Senseon, the sales person can spend more time with the customers.” This speaks to how Senseon is more than just a secure access system, but also a tool to improve the overall customer experience. With Senseon Secure Access, store employees don’t need to fumble around with locks and keys to retrieve an item for a customer. Just a swipe or tap of an RFID badge and entry is granted.

Greg’s other appearance came in an editorial piece for RFID Journal. The title here was a little less catchy: “Improving In-Store Productivity, Security and the Customer Experience.” In this piece, Greg summarizes how the old system just isn’t working: “Hard to track, easy to lose and vulnerable to misuse, the old lock and key have given retailers plenty of headaches. To make matters worse, this dated form of security is falling further and further behind the times.” Greg goes on to explain how retailers are suffering more and more losses relying on the old lock-and-key. Look to Senseon to save the day!

Surface & Panel and RFID Journal are not small-time outlets. Surface & Panel magazine is read by more than 30,000 readers across the United States and Canada. This editorial publication dispenses new ideas in design, marketing, and production from all around the world. RFID Journal’s claim to fame is that they are the world’s first independent media company devoted solely to radio frequency identification and its many business applications. With RFID being utilized in so many different industries, this publication stays up-to-date with the most recent developments in the field.

Keep your eye out for more from Senseon’s rising star, Greg Rewers, in future industry publications!

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