Jim is a hunter. Since he was a kid, Jim loved to hunt for unique and one-off pieces that told a fascinating story or came from an interesting place. From rare coins to rare books, his love of discovery has culminated in a collection of antiques and sports memorabilia.

Today his collection includes around 150 autographed baseballs, rare baseball cards, and multiple cases of signed football helmets and footballs. He has acquired autographed pieces from players like Walter Payton, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning.

Amongst the sports memorabilia, Jim also has a collection of antique guns, books, and other items he wants to keep safe from his children and other curious hands.

The Problem

After years of accumulating sports memorabilia and other collectibles, Jim needed a secure way to display his collection in his home. Jim felt his home office would be the perfect backdrop, where he could work surrounded by his collection.

The home office would include wall and floor display cases, as well as a display case that doubles as a work table.  The design also included secure filing cabinets for important paperwork such as documentation and certificates of authenticity for the pieces in his collection.

In addition to his aesthetic needs, it was essential the collection be secured with commercial-grade cabinet locks even though he was using it in a home setting.

The Solution

As a contractor, Jim could create and build the custom cabinetry that would house his memorabilia. Each case was a custom size made to fit everything from baseballs to football helmets. The design he chose included top-quality white oak wood, unbreakable glass, and sealed hinges. The appearance would be clean, professional, and seamless.

It was essential that every element of the space have an attractive look, operate in a functional way, and provide the protection needed to store his valuables.

After putting so much effort into the perfect cabinet and display case design, Jim did not want to “just stick an old has been lock, out there on the outside.”

Senseon standalone electronic lock

When choosing a lock, Jim chose our standalone electronic lock for doors to provide commercial-grade strength for his collection.

It was important to avoid ugly keyholes and cumbersome keypads, which would undermine the aesthetics of the room and furnishings. He needed something that would complement the artistic structure of the cabinets without detracting from the collection, while still providing a high level of security.

In his search for a commercial-grade, concealed locking system, he found Senseon’s access control system. The standalone locking system would seamlessly install into the cabinet design he had in place, without the need for unsightly wires or keyholes. In fact, when looking at a closed drawer, it appeared as if there was no locking system at all.

Despite the hidden nature of Senseon locks they still withstand up to 250 pounds of break force while being both functional and fully concealed. Additional features like the fail-close and auto locking added extra security protections, should he forget to relock a drawer or cabinet after use. He was assured that any closed drawer or cabinet was always locked.

Jim recalls, “I wanted something that was: Do it once, do it right, and I don’t have to worry about it again.”

The Installation

Jim decided to install the Senseon access control locking system for his bespoke cabinets. After receiving the locks and reviewing the installation guide, he found that he had a few technical questions before he began the installation. He sent an email to the Senseon installation team with his phone number, and within 10 minutes a member of the team was on the phone with him walking him through the process and answering his questions.

“These guys are Johnny on the Spot,” Jim remembers.

Senseon developed the system for self-installation. Users don’t need any electrical or programming knowledge for a successful installation. Reflecting on the installation process, Jim describes it as a “plug and play system,” going from “cord to cord and hub to hub…It’s pretty simple to make it work.”

The Results

After implementation, Jim has had zero issues with the system. He has confidence that Senseon will keep his prized collection secure without sacrificing aesthetics. He also finds the Senseon locks easy to use. Simply tap the RFID credential over the cabinet, display case, or drawer and it opens. Push the drawer closed and it relocks. The auto locking feature means he never has to worry about leaving a case unlocked after use.

Senseon locks secure guns and sports memorabilia

With Senseon, Jim was able to maintain the integrity of his design while providing commercial-grade strength throughout his home office.

With Senseon, Jim found a keyless locking system that works every time and provides a high level of security required to protect his valuable sports memorabilia and other collectibles.

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