The Retail Jeweler, an online magazine, provides independent retail jewelers with practical and reliable business practices and recent news. The publication recently reviewed Senseon and celebrated its security features and sleek design.

The Retail Jeweler notes a recent poll that found theft is an ongoing worry among jewelers everywhere. Accordingly, Senseon offers commercial-grade locking systems designed to help jewelers and other retailers secure merchandise and ease concerns about theft.

Senseon is a locking system designed for new and existing fixtures with doors, drawers, display cases, and more. Sporting a concealed design, Senseon brings greater security, efficiency, and dependability than traditional lock-and-key systems. Senseon systems guarantee you’ll no longer scramble for a key as a customer waits. Retail jewelers will be especially delighted to know the Senseon system can be installed in new or existing showcases.

Even better yet—Senseon systems maintain clean aesthetics. So while its hidden design gives retail jewelers easy access to merchandise, its beautiful exterior enhances customers’ shopping experiences. Associates can access merchandise with just a tap of a card, fob, wristband, or tag over the hidden reader. One Senseon reader can connect up to 15 drawers and doors, including sliding doors on display cases.

The Senseon System offers several access options, including touch release, easy close, and auto-open. One particularly exciting option is its auto-lock feature. This feature allows employees to close the opening, and have it automatically relock, increasing safety for merchandise.

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