A recent article in Healthcare Facilities Today features a break-down of Evidence-based design (EBD) by Accuride’s own Evan Hicks. Evan writes, “The approach of anchoring design decisions on credible research to produce the best results is palpably helping healthcare facilities improve patient outcomes while lowering costs.” Evan goes on to explain what steps are necessary to implement proper EBD.

“First, build the proper foundation. Inspire your staff to board the EBD train and engage stakeholders – all focused-on value. Create a diverse team, bringing together architects, designers, construction professionals, facility managers, C-suite executives, support services professionals, patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups.

For best results, coordinate design enhancements with clinical and operational process enhancements.

Then, as changes are implemented, get ready for continuous improvement in quality, safety, the patient experience, and cost savings. Once everyone starts witnessing the outcomes, you’ll be glad you took the time and effort to fortify your facility for the exciting but challenging healthcare environment of tomorrow.”

For more information on best practices for adopting EBD read the full article.

Source: https://www.healthcarefacilitiestoday.com/posts/How-to-prepare-your-facility-for-the-future-with-evidence-based-design–20524