For Julia Wong, the authentic design goes beyond style. An accomplished interior designer, Wong has worked in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, where she is currently based. Before making her foray into interior design, Wong was in Fashion where she worked under prominent fashion designer John Galliano.

Her background in couture helped shape her company, Julia Wong Designs. Emphasizing warmth, elegance, and style, Wong is recognized internationally for her sophisticated residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. “I dressed people, now I dress homes,” Wong says.

Traveling the world has allowed Wong to connect with a broad sphere of clientele, including bankers, business owners, entertainment executives, and actors. Her eclectic interior designs range from elegant London homes to laid-back Malibu beach houses. In all of her designs, Wong seeks to innovate by incorporating design with technology in order to serve best her clients’ various lifestyles, as well as her own. Her goal: “to create a design that’s not only beautiful but also functional.”

Watch the video to learn how Senseon gave Julia Wong control over both the style and security of her designs.

The Challenge

Wong always strives to create aesthetically-pleasing designs tailored for her customers, for whom she often must secure valuable jewelry, art and important documents. “I think great design today is integrating design and technology,” she says. But, she adds, “I don’t want to see the technology.” Some technology solutions, like unsightly wires or protruding locks, can feel overwhelming and ultimately inhibit the design.

Wong is widely recognized for the seamless blending of design with technology, which is evidenced by her stylish California home.

Sleek technological solutions are the key to creating a comfortable home, Wong has discovered—but her constant challenge is finding such solutions that work within her different designs, enhancing her work with simplicity, power, and capability.

When Wong recently renovated her kitchen, she kept her young daughter’s safety in mind throughout the design process. It was essential to figure out how to store safely kitchen knives and alcohol where her daughter could not access them without compromising the planned aesthetic.

The Solution

To create her signature seamless designs, Wong teams up with technology companies such as Senseon. Senseon provides cabinet-level access control for new and existing cabinet doors, drawers, and more. The ASID-award-winning system is used in a variety of applications, from securing confidential materials in business offices, keeping healthcare facilities in compliance with regulatory boards, protecting retail displays, and ensuring home safety.

Wong discovered Senseon online while working on a retail project, for which she did not want traditional locks or bulky keypads. “The product allows me to integrate design and technology seamlessly,” Wong says. “I can design clean lines and give my clients the security that they need.”

The Senseon RFID locking system secures Wong’s fine spirits. The system is concealed within the cabinetry, so there is no exposed hardware.

Senseon’s keyless, commercial-grade locking system installs discreetly into cabinets. Designed with users in mind, Senseon developed the system for easy installation. It requires neither programming nor electrical knowledge to implement, and Senseon’s support team is readily available if any questions arise throughout the installation process.

Both its ease of functionality and hidden nature drew Wong to Senseon, allowing her to re-imagine what is possible and design her ideal cabinets. Senseon also includes top-tier security features such as auto-relock and commercial-grade protection, with locks that can withstand up to 250 lbs. of break force, offering top-tier security.

Security, however, is not the only factor Wong considers when choosing Senseon. In particular, her daughter’s safety was most important when remodeling the kitchen—and Senseon was the perfect solution for her drawers and cabinetry.

The Result

Although Senseon locks are easy to use, they feature robust security protections to guarantee safety for the whole family. With Senseon, there are no keys to be lost or found by her daughter; instead, Wong has an RFID credential that grants her controlled access to the secured cabinets. Now, Wong’s kitchen knives and alcohol cannot be accessed without a keycard, ensuring her daughter’s safety.

The simple tap of an RFID card unlocks these Senseon-secured drawers. This quick-and-convenient method of securing and accessing contents makes Senseon a popular choice in upscale homes.

Wong and Senseon share a commitment to innovation, control, and an affinity for technology and style down to the cabinet-level. With Senseon, Wong has the freedom to achieve peace of mind through a secure, seamless aesthetic.

True Design Goes Beyond Style

What is next for Wong and Senseon? Her mission to create timeless interiors and exteriors continues, as does her search for cutting-edge technological solutions. Likewise, Senseon is always thinking about the power of innovation and how to achieve safety and security without sacrificing design.

Wong plans to partner with Senseon again for both her residential and retail projects. “True design goes beyond style,” she says. “Senseon really helps me both on the security and the functionality side to help me achieve what I’m looking for.” Wong has already set a new standard for modern, stylish home designs. With interior designers like Wong leading the charge toward the future, it is only a matter of time before design and technology become synonymous.

This standalone system can complement any interior design by keeping all components and wires at bay. That’s the intent: Senseon works within a user’s design, not against it.

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