design:retail, a prominent magazine that reports on the latest trends and news for retail designers, recently celebrated Senseon Secure Access’s big win at GlobalShop @ RetailX in Chicago.

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) represents the entire design profession: health care, workplace, hospitality, retail, and residential. Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID, said,

“ASID is pleased to recognize Senseon Secure Access and Senseon Plus as an ASID Design Impact Award Winner… [w]e are proud to honor companies at the forefront of innovation who are focused on human-centric design. ASID believes that design impacts lives, and seeks to recognize companies who make that belief a priority in their work. We count Senseon Secure among those organizations.”

Indeed, Senseon Secure Access prides itself on creating transformative cabinet-locking solutions for designers, cabinet makers, and end-users. Senseon Secure Access’s distinguished product, Senseon Plus, was recognized by an esteemed panel of judges for its innovative design, which centers people and the environment at the core of its construction.

Senseon Plus increases the efficiency of operation and merchandising, assisting with loss prevention. Its system components are concealed and electronic, which eliminates the need to manage multiple physical keys while maintaining the aesthetics of the built environment. This ultimately improves the quality of life for users. Furthermore, Senseon Plus’s components are both CE and RoHS compliant—no dangerous or hazardous materials that would negatively affect health, safety, or the environment were used in their construction.


Check out the full article in design:retail’s July/August 2019 edition: