Side Mount E‑Locks

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Electronic Side Mount Locking Systems

Electronic side mounted locks for cabinets/furniture/hardware in commercial and retail environments such as retail, healthcare, and office storage. The 38EL family of slides are available with touch release and auto-open features. Touch Release holds drawers closed until activated by touch, then the mechanism propels drawers open approximately 2 inches. The Auto Open feature requires the user to wave a RFID enabled device over the reader to propel the drawer out 2”.


The 38TREL is an integrated side mounted electronic locking slide with touch release functionality.


The 38EL is a full-extension electronic side mounted cabinet locking system, with a load rating of up to 100 lbs. With just the wave of an RFID card the drawer is released, giving users full access to the contents inside.


The 38ELAO is a side-mounted electronic lock that propels out 2” when unlocked with an RFID-enabled device.

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