Senseon is the premier solution for keeping your guests and staff’s belongings safe and readily accessible.

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Security when done right, creates a sense of serenity for guests and staff alike. Senseon does just that by allowing for rapid, secure access to contents in a variety of applications with a tap of an RFID key card. This simple action streamlines operations and enhances the overall customer experience.

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In-room Storage

Senseon’s versatility allows it to be installed in virtually any cabinet design, thus giving your guests the peace of mind that their belongings are secured safely in their room in their absence.

Bar Storage

Displaying premium beverages in a prime location for patrons of bars and restaurants to see is a crucial point in the sales process. Having it readily accessible for staff is also vital to the process. Senseon’s RFID opening options provide just that for bartenders. By using a card, wristband, or fob, bartenders and sommeliers can pull top-shelf drinks in a flash.

Employee Lockers

Finding extra storage space in your facility can be quite difficult. Luckily Senseon’s unobtrusive, design secures your employees’ belongings so they can go about their shifts knowing their belongings are safe and sound behind locks with 250 lbs. of breakforce.

Janitorial Supply Locker

Acting as a standalone system, Senseon keeps potentially hazardous chemicals and cleaning supplies secured from visitors.

Front Desk

While the digital age is upon us and a lot of documents are going paperless, some things just can’t be digitized. This revolutionary furniture locking system keeps guest documents and sensitive documents safe from any subversion attempts.

Valet Key Cabinets

With guests leaving their cars in the valet for days at a time, the risk of theft has increased significantly. With Senseon cabinet door locks, keys can be stored safely at the valet station.

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State-of-the-Art Security

This intelligent cabinet locking system comes equipped with subversion-proof auto-relocking functionality that keeps your staff and guests’ contents secure – even if they forget.

Enhanced Aesthetics with Superior Functionality

A significant part of any customer experience is aesthetics. Senseon’s hidden design allows you the freedom to design and redesign furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are eye-catching and secure.

Creating an eye-catching fixture is only part of the equation. Senseon’s features improve functionality in virtually any cabinet. Rollover the images below and see how these features work.

Seamless Integration

This RFID electronic locking system is different than any other because it’s built on patented technology from Accuride International. By combining the slides and locks into one unit, we’ve created a system that is easy to manage and requires minimal maintenance.

Simplified Access Management

Easy-to-program, Senseon streamlines replacing lost/stolen keys. With just a few taps an administrator can add and remove users without a programmer, electrician, or locksmith.

Auto Open

Just a tap of an RFID card opens your door or drawer – giving you full access to the contents inside.


A tap and a slight inward push is all it takes to activate Senseon’s Touch-Release feature.


Our easy-close locking slides come equipped with a fluid dampener at the end of the slide that brings drawers to a smooth, secure close every time.

Sliding Doors

A quick tap of your RFID card, fob, or tag grants immediate access to fixtures with sliding doors.


Senseon brings you more than 50 years’ experience in engineering solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial casework worldwide. Rest assured: Senseon is a partner you can trust to bring dependable secure access to your operations.

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Senseon’s electronic locking solutions for hospitality applications will create an experience like no other for your patrons.

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