Senseon brings building-level access control technology to the cabinet level with low-profile, high strength locks that keep assets safe. And, for instances where a user may forget to secure a cabinet, Senseon’s subversion proof auto relocking technology keeps valuables safe.

With major firms such as Equifax, Dun and Bradstreet, Deloitte, and even the SEC experiencing cybersecurity breaches in 2017, expanding budgets to protect customer data are reaching all-time highs. Senseon adds another layer of security to your business to keep your business compliant with federal compliance regulations.

Access Control for Financial Institutions must balance the priorities of securing IT systems from data breaches and physically securing both data and money in the office environment. Senseon brings the physical element to your security systems by seamlessly integrating with systems like Andover, Lenel, and S2.

Your customers not only want to know their information is secure, they also want a pleasant environment to conduct business in. Senseon’s low-profile modular components fit seamlessly into virtually any cabinet design to help you create an aesthetically-pleasing office environment.