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Senseon One System Kit Overview

The Senseon One system kit contains the proximity kit and the hub kit, which are the primary components that are needed for the system to function. The hub kit is the brain of the system, and the hub is the heart of the Senseon system. This flexible kit can integrate into Kitchen cabinet door locks, wooden cabinet locks, digital cabinet locks, liquor cabinets, closet locks.

Proximity Kit

Acting as the brain of the system, the Senseon Proximity Kit controls the relay of signals to the e-locks. With just a tap near the reader, the system unlocks or locks. The proximity kit can be programmed to feature options such as auto-relock or manual-lock modes.

Hub Kit

The Senseon Hub Kit is the electrical interconnection point making it the heart of the Senseon system. It connects the power supply to the proximity reader and the locks. One hub is installed into each locked opening, sending signals between one another.

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