Standalone E-Locks

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Standalone Electronic Cabinet/Furniture Locks

Senseon Standalone E-Locks are ideal for securing drawers and doors with valuable content inside. The keyless electronic locks can be retrofitted for almost any design and are available with auto-open, touch release, and soft-close options. Senseon standalone locks can also support sliding cabinet doors. With just a wave of an RFID card, the lock activates, giving users access to the contents inside. These locks are ideal for retail stores, library storage, and office storage solutions.


The 10EL is a standard electronic lock from Senseon Secure Access. This lock is built with a low profile for easy concealment and simple installation. Great for retail, healthcare, and other commercial environments. This lock is also available with auto-open, soft-close, and touch-release features.

Senseon Secure Access System is backed by over 50 years of innovation from Accuride International. Our team of engineers fully embraces our tagline of “Always Moving Forward” when looking to improve our products to better serve our customers.


The 5EL is an electronic cabinet/drawer door lock that easily integrates with the Senseon Secure Access System. With the ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically, the 5EL can be easily concealed in a number of ways, utilizing a decorative panel (included) or be mounted below a subfloor.


The Senseon 2WAY-EL is a flexible and energy-efficient electronic lock for two-way travel slides. Users can tailor the 2WAY-EL’s RFID access for one or both sides of a secured two-way drawer.

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