Senseon provides secure access for practically any market.

Our concealed access control systems protect valuable contents from unauthorized access and ease the burden associated with traditional keys on the end user.


Senseon is an excellent tool for protecting medical and hazardous substances in emergency rooms, general clinics, pediatric facilities, and long-term care centers. Optional Touch Release and Auto-Open features allow you to eliminate knobs and handles, thus hiding access points from unauthorized parties. An Auto-Relock feature ensures that Senseon cabinet access control will secure your contents—helping you avoid regulatory penalties, litigation, or potential hazards to patients related to cabinets left unlocked by human error. Click below to learn more about our electronic locking solutions for hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities:

Hospital Solutions
Long-Term Care Facilities


Busy shopping times can overwhelm any retail team. Without the right cabinet security, it’s all too easy to forget to lock those hot new electronics—and lose them to theft. Avoid those losses with Senseon Secure Access. Senseon’s Auto-Relock feature helps you secure cabinets without sacrificing your business’s quality…or its merchandise.

Enhance Your Design, Maintain Cabinet Security


Premium merchandise deserves premium protection. We offer electronic locking systems for glass and wood fixtures, whether sliding doors on a glass display or a concealed drawer. With optional features like Touch Release and Auto-Open, you don’t even need knobs or handles, allowing you to have a clean design. Whether you’re securing one store or 50, Senseon has the locking solution for you.

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Keep unwanted hands from your most precious belongings. Senseon furniture locking systems can give your cabinetry enhanced security and preserve clean design. There’s no need for handles, knobs, or exposed locks. Whether it’s zen minimalism or late Victorian, Senseon electronic locks for closets preserves your design.

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When it comes to finance, a wrong choice in security can cost a fortune. Senseon electronic locking systems secure critical documents, money, and other valuables with the simple tap of a keycard or other RFID entry tool. Our electronic fail-secure locks are compact, hidden, and powerful. Along with the rest of the system, they can be inserted seamlessly into existing fixtures.

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Senseon allows your staff protect documents and your guests to secure valuables–while still making them quick and simple for those authorized to retrieve. Because of its modular design, you can integrate Senseon electronic locks for cabinets into virtually any fixture, no matter how unique, thus maintaining a seamless, uninterrupted hospitality environment.

Preserve Customer Experience, Increase Security