Access Control Where
it Matters Most

Senseon brings you award-winning, cabinet-level access
control systems that fit the safety and security needs of
clinical and administrative healthcare environments.

Future-proof your Cabinet Access

Senseon’s intelligent locking system is tailored to the needs of today’s healthcare access control challenges. Our solutions provide you and your staff with design-friendly, rapid, highly-granular access to critical medications, devices, and supplies. Senseon solutions keep your organization providing a high-quality care experience that prioritizes patients, staff, and organizational safety.

  • Adaptive to your challenges
  • Next-level flexibility
  • Scalable Access for Healthcare
Adaptive to your challenges

Senseon systems adapt to the security and operational needs of hospitals, health systems, clinics, ambulatory environments, long-term-care facilities, ICUs, and healthcare administrative applications

Next-level flexibility

Senseon seamlessly installs into new or existing cabinet doors, drawers, medical and medication storage cabinets, healthcare IT storage, and beyond

Scalable Access for Healthcare

Integrating with the existing security solutions of organizations ranging from small clinics to multi-location hospital systems

We Want to Help You Build a Secure Healthcare Environment.

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Risk Management whitepaper

Hospital Security Strategic Risk
Assessment: A Tiered Approach

Learn how security professionals like you can address the increasingly complex healthcare security threat landscape by taking a tiered approach to risk assessment.

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Designed With Healthcare in Mind

From drug diversion to security devices that contain PHI, our solutions provide the features that align with your security strategy and easily integrate into your existing security ecosystem.

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Senseon One

Senseon healthcare solutions are flexible cabinet access control systems that strengthen your organizational security profile with next-level protection. Available in standalone options and able to integrate with your existing systems, our solutions keep you up-to-date with the biggest security threats facing healthcare today.

  • Auto Relock
  • Simplified Key Management
  • Fail Secure
  • High Strength Security
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Senseon Plus

Senseon Plus combines the features of our foundational access control with an intelligent layer of functionality that enhances your ability to get in front of healthcare security challenges, comply with the intent of security regulations like HIPAA, and keep your patients safe.

  • Audit Trail
  • Discrete Access
  • Dual Authorization
  • Easy Configuration
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Secure Your Setup

Senseon can be integrated into any of your current fixtures including sliding doors and drawers, metal cabinets, two-way drawers, and more.

Three Steps to Protection

Senseon works with you from concept through completion to ensure you get the right security solutions for your facility.




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