For today’s retailers, driving customer loyalty, engagement and conversion means creating dynamic experiences across all platforms — including in-store. From recognizing your customer everywhere they are — even if they look completely different from social to web to mobile — to developing relevant offers, content, and journeys based on their unique wants, needs, and goals, we’re in an Experience Era. And, as a retail brand, it’s your job to drive those experiences.

Granted, there’s no one-size-fits-all to building these experiences. Ralph Lauren integrated interactive, touch screen mirrors in its flagship New York location, enabling customers to browse real-time inventory and request different sizes, colors, and styles without leaving a dressing room.

Hunter created an immersive in-store experience in its Japanese flagship store. The store is complete with a lush, rain forest, ideal for its all-weather boots.

Nike Live took the real-time trends and neighborhood-level influences to create an LA concept store that bridged the gap between brick and click — and that catered to exactly what local shoppers wanted in that moment.

These were amazing, immersive experiences — but imagine if giant locks kept the rain boots just out of reach or if that must-have accessory at Ralph Lauren sat inside an oversized — and unsightly — secure case. Suddenly that amazing experience is interrupted. Suddenly you, as a shopper, are jolted back to reality by the reality of making a purchase. And that’s not ideal.

Customer experiences start in-store

Even if your retail locations aren’t delving in virtual reality and Hollywood-level staging, there’s still something to be said for creating meaningful customer experiences. At the very least, you want — and, to some extent, need — your store to align with or, ideally, exceed customer expectations. If it doesn’t, those customers know other options are just a few steps — or clicks — away.

But that’s not you. You’ve created a low-friction, high-touch and wholly on-brand customer experience in your store. From the moment shoppers enter, they know where they are and why each touch point exists. More importantly, as they move through their in-store journey, they continue taking the “right” steps and progress from entry to engagement to conversion, using those organic cues to move deeper and deeper into your brand experience.

Until they hit a security snag. Then the environment you’ve so carefully orchestrated starts to fall apart. And that’s a problem.

Hitting a security snag

These security snags happen constantly, even for retailers who have a solid vision and, overall, a consistent, cohesive brand environment. Chances are, you’ve seen it — or, maybe, that your brand is guilty, too. In a pristine store, big, clunky cabinets store high-value products. A stunning display requires multiple personnel, multiple keys, and a seemingly endless wait just to see the featured necklace up close. Massive locks keep delicate pieces secure.

Overall, none of it feels right. Instantly, you feel the disruption — and, likely, that disruption translates to some level of discomfort. A big lock securing luxury jewelry or handbags, for example, can instantly put shoppers on the defense, and make them feel like these items are off-limits — or, even, that they’re being watched. Waiting while associates try countless keys just to open a counter display is frustrating, at best, and purchase-ending at worst. Not to mention, it’s a customer experience that shopper won’t want to repeat anytime soon.

That said, it’s essential retailers look for — and integrate — products that enable simple and secure access, while seamlessly blending with into the environment. You’ve worked hard to create consistency and immersive, on-brand backdrops that engage and activate shoppers. Why compromise that with less than optimal security optics?

The Solution

Senseon takes that into account with all products designed and developed. With a concealed core system, your security will never draw from your environment. With components that sync with your existing retail design, your customers will never experience those security snags.

Now more than ever, that’s essential to success. Again, this is the Experience Era of business, and customers expect top-notch, 360-degree experiences with the brands they frequent. Deliver that, and you’ll cultivate an audience of advocates and long-term shoppers. But too many snags can — and, likely, will — send them to the endless brick and click options that are getting it right.

Ensure your retail environment is consistent, cohesive and delivers the best possible customer experience. Visit our Retail solutions page to learn how Senseon can step up your in-store security, with no security snags.