Senseon’s Marketing Manager, Evan Hicks, contributed a guest article to Retail Minded, an internationally recognized industry blog, and publication.

Started by Nicole Leinbach Reyhle in 2017, Retail Minded reports on the latest news, education, and support within the retail industry. Reyhle, a global retail thought leader and influencer, focuses on connecting retailers with leading industry resources. Retail Minded is dedicated to helping independent businesses, both online and offline, through retail research, content services, and merchant-specific news.

Hicks’s article, “3 Ways to Improve Retail Security While Keeping Customers Happy,” reflects on the landscape of contemporary retail and offers helpful solutions to address ongoing challenges in the ever-changing retail industry. Hicks observes how retail has grown over the past two decades, noting, “Amazon transformed itself from an online bookstore to the world’s most powerful retailer. The carnage of this industry disruption incinerated major corporations like Sears, Toys R Us, Sports Authority and Radio Shack, to name a few.”

This shift from shopping strictly in-person to buying virtually forces retailers to reconsider their business model. Hicks notes that customers “will always buy products and services. The retail industry is not dying; it is changing based on evolving customer behavior and preferences.” These behaviors and preferences are certainly influenced by and molded from online commerce, but they are not immutable. Indeed, Hicks suggests three practical ways in which retailers and businesses might adjust in order to best accommodate their customers: create a seamless experience without invading customer privacy; establish security measures that affect customers only minimally while protecting assets; integrate systems for frictionless execution.

These three solutions, further detailed in Hick’s article, begin to tackle larger challenges prevalent in the retail environment. These challenges, however, are not unsolvable problems—consider, for instance, Senseon’s products such as Senseon Plus, which is revolutionizing cabinet access control systems. Senseon’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use products allow companies to create a customer-first experience and environment with higher levels of security.

Both products and practices can be adapted, improved, and updated to meet the emerging needs of customers while providing necessary security to reduce shrinkage.

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