It’s no surprise that theft is a constant worry among jewelry retailers, as an INSTORE magazine poll of its Brain Trust bore out.

Besides theft, the survey also found that jewelers are concerned about losing customers, and having to fumble or go in back for keys to open a display case is certainly a turn-off for customers and staff alike.

We’ve designed Senseon to help jewelers keep their high-value merchandise safe – and easily accessible to employees, in customer-friendly settings. Did you know:

  • Our keyless, adaptable E-Locks are as much as 400% stronger than traditional cam locks for cabinetry.
  • Senseon is built on patented RFID technology from Accuride, a trusted brand with 55 years of manufacturing expertise.
  • Senseon e-locks are fully concealed—preventing thieves from identifying strategic lock points to bypass and removing the eyesore of big ungainly traditional locks for customers.
  • Our system is part of the woodwork – it integrates easily with new and existing display cases.
  • Senseon is easy to use and install into almost any design.
  • We tailor systems to specific customer requirements.
  • Auto-Open and Touch Release features mean convenience and peace of mind.

For further insight into industry needs, Senseon has joined the Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA) – a non-profit trade association with nearly 20,000 members.

JSA has been providing crime information and assistance to the jewelry industry and law enforcement since 1883. It offers email alerts, print publications, a website, consulting activities, and seminars.

“Their industry knowledge is top-notch, and we look forward to a rewarding partnership.”

Our team got a glimpse of what the association has to offer at the JSA’s Seminar and Expo in Kissimmee, Florida, on March 7-9. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn, trade information, demonstrate Senseon and network. We picked up pointers on how to be even more helpful to jewelers.

“We’re enthused to welcome Senseon as a new member,” says JSA President John Kennedy. “My colleagues and I are impressed by the Senseon team’s innovative approach to cabinet access control. Their industry knowledge is top-notch, and we look forward to a rewarding partnership.”

Learn more about JSA here.  

Stay tuned for new product announcements, coming soon.

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