January 8, 2018

Taking advantage of emerging technologies can make it easier to deter theft, according to a new article from The Retail Jeweler. Start the new year right by better-protecting inventory kept in display cases from shoplifters and light-fingered employees, advised Sid Kalantar, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Senseon Secure Access, which provides a keyless, hidden, electronic locking system ideal for jewelry showcases.

“Retail jewelers must be super-vigilant and take additional steps to minimize merchandise losses,” Kalantar said. “Beyond surveillance and alarms, they need to pay careful attention to every piece of jewelry kept in a display case and shown to shoppers.”

He added: “Most thefts involve jewelry being taken from showcases, which need better protection. The locking systems for cases and the way sales associates handle merchandise often create opportunities for criminals.”

For more tips on preventing theft, read the full article here.

Source: http://www.theretailjeweler.com/blog/2018/01/08/senseon-secure-access-resolve-to-avoid-theft-this-year.html