Known throughout the industry as “The Newspaper Of Record For The Security System Integrator & Installer,” Security Systems News recently highlighted Senseon’s latest launch of their 2nd generation of electronic locking, cabinet-level access hardware, Senseon Plus.

From the beginning, Senseon Secure Access has offered keyless solutions in the form of stand-alone and integrated e-locks that utilize RFID technology to heighten security and streamline access to display cases, drawers, sliding and hinged doors, and other commercial-grade fixtures. Because Senseon seamlessly synchronizes into cabinetry without any visible locks or keyholes, unauthorized personnel and thieves are deterred by both intelligent design and function.

The result is a cabinet-level access system that thoroughly safeguards valuables and sensitive information for a wide scope of industries and settings, including but not limited to: residential security, healthcare, finance, hospitality, and upscale retail.

Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Senseon, elaborates further on the launch of Senseon Plus, “No other product on the market better meets users’ needs for unobtrusive, intelligent electronic locking at the cabinet level while also providing actionable operations data.

“Senseon Plus’ flexible, adaptable and scalable footprint makes it the ideal commercial-grade cabinet locking system in any retail environment.”

As if Senseon wasn’t already smart enough, its newest line of electronic locking systems includes audit trail, which allows managers or administrators to track the time, location, and identity of each access attempt. Additionally, failed access attempts can be integrated to automatically trigger silent alarm systems and video surveillance technology.

Committed to innovation, Senseon Plus enhances the user and customer experience even further while reducing loss prevention, eliminating clunky keys and locks, and launching secure access into the future.

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