November 9, 2017

For retail jewelers, the holiday season offers tremendous opportunities – for business revenue and for thieves says a new article from Loss Prevention Media.

Crowds, extra inventory, and more transactions create an open invitation for shoplifters and employee theft unless jewelers take special precautions, warns Sid Kalantar, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Senseon Secure Access, which provides a keyless, hidden, electronic locking system ideal for jewelry display cases.

“During the holiday season, retail jewelers must be super-vigilant and take additional steps to minimize merchandise losses,” Kalantar said. “Beyond surveillance and alarms, they need to pay Scrooge-like attention to every piece of jewelry kept in a display case and shown to shoppers.”

Fortunately, jewelers can use small radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and etch information on jewelry. In addition, monitor movement of individual items by particular salespeople – also helpful for boosting productivity.

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