Lab Manager, the only publication specifically focused on all aspects of lab management, released a new article about the launch of Senseon Plus, a next-generation cabinet-level access control system with audit trail software.

Advanced security features such as dual authentication, activity monitoring, and alert/alarm functionality enable lab managers to meet strict health and safety standards, while maintaining functionality. 

In addition, Senseon Plus’s Cloud-based audit trail software offers managers the following benefits: 

  • Actionable intelligence on cabinet access
  • Compliance data made readily available
  • Informed analysis for investigations, allowing managers to determine who accessed what, where, and when

As Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Senseon, explains: “Senseon Plus adds powerful capabilities and insights to any sized operation.”

Backed by a secure Cloud-based platform, managers can access audit trail data anyplace, anywhere.

Through this intersection of physical security and actionable data, Senseon Plus sets a new standard for cabinet-level security. 

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