Searching for the latest and hottest products? Look no further than Senseon Plus, which was recently recognized as one of nine notable products in Hotel Business’s 2019 Technology Solutions edition.

Hotel Business stays up-to-date with all of the latest happenings in the industry, reporting on current hospitality topics. Finding a novel company among other transformative products, Senseon Plus leads the way in intelligent cabinet access control. Perfect for hinged and sliding doors, drawers, and display cases, Senseon Plus has a sleek and unique design where there are no locks or keyholes, doubling down on safety for clients. This product is designed to improve security needs and business efficiency. Senseon Plus allows its users to offer the best hospitality with dual authentication and discrete access to ensure guests’ or clients’ security in any environment. Hotel Business spotlights Senseon Plus’s newest features, including audit trail capability.

Senseon and Senseon Plus are ready to be your solution—in both new and existing features, you can install, implement, or configure Senseon Plus today.

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