Audit Trail Capability Among Features Introduced at GlobalShop @ RetailX

SANTA FE SPRINGS, California, June 25, 2019 – Senseon®, exhibiting in Booth 3248 at GlobalShop @ RetailX, today launched Senseon Plus, the next generation of its intelligent cabinet-level access control system, with new features which include audit trail capability.

Designed for hinged and sliding doors, drawers, display cases, and other fixtures, the Senseon Plus system helps users create a superior customer experience by providing the easiest-to-use cabinet-level locking solution available. With no locks or keyholes for thieves or customers to see, the concealed system both enhances security and maintains cabinet design. It can be installed, implemented and configured in new or existing fixtures.

“No other product on the market better meets users’ needs for unobtrusive, intelligent electronic locking at the cabinet level while also providing actionable operations data,” said Sid Kalantar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Senseon.

“Senseon Plus’ flexible, adaptable and scalable footprint makes it the ideal commercial-grade cabinet locking system in any retail environment,” said Kalantar.

Enhanced with a robust audit trail and other advanced features, Senseon Plus enables users to strengthen security, reduce shrinkage, improve merchandising and streamline transactions. Senseon Plus adapts to retail environments ranging from jewelry stores to department stores to boutiques. The system can secure a single cabinet, an entire store or a national chain of stores using one set of credentials.

The access control system provides similar advantages for other environments, such as healthcare, finance, and hospitality establishments, as well as residences. Senseon Plus will benefit virtually any user who needs to protect valuables, including merchandise, medications, cash, documents or collectibles.

New features

Senseon Plus comes with audit trail capability, which provides the time, location and identity of a person attempting access and reports failed efforts. In the event of an unauthorized attempt, Senseon Plus generates a local alarm and informs connected systems, such as video surveillance and silent alarm systems. The data provided also help retailers improve employee accountability and product merchandising.

Other major new features include:

  • Discrete access: ability to allow individual access to one or more specific openings rather than all openings in a cabinet
  • Dual authorization: an enhanced security feature that requires two cards to be present to access a drawer or opening
  • Easy configuration: via a handheld touch-screen programmer that simplifies key management and system programming

More information:

Visit Senseon Secure Access in Booth 3248 at GlobalShop @ RetailX.



About Senseon®

Senseon® provides the next generation of cabinet-level access control to enhance security while maintaining cabinet design, thus elevating the customer experience. The intelligent system’s flexible, adaptable, scalable footprint make it the perfect commercial-grade cabinet locking solution for retail, healthcare, finance, hospitality, and residential environments. Newly launched Senseon Plus is unmatched at meeting needs for unobtrusive, easy-to-use intelligent electronic locking at the cabinet level while also providing actional operations data through an audit trail. Users benefit from streamlined access management, concealed locks, automatic relocking, and locks four times as strong as traditional locks. Senseon is built on patented, proven technology from Accuride® International, the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of sliding hardware, offering nearly 60 years of experience.