CIO Outlook, a digital platform and print magazine dedicated to sharing the latest in technology, data, automation, and intelligent solutions for retailers around the globe, recently cited Senseon Secure Access as one of the Top 10 Retail Security Solution Providers of 2019.

Created by Accuride International, a worldwide manufacturer of innovative off-the-shelf and custom motion hardware, Senseon provides digital, RFID-based cabinet-level access for hinged and sliding doors, drawers, and display cases for security that’s both intuitive and commercial-grade. Although Senseon remains versatile for a wide array of functional settings from the residential to the institutional, Asim Rasheed, Senseon’s Senior Product Manager, zeroed in on why electronic locking systems are especially savvy for retail storefronts–increasing in demand and changing the future of cabinet-level access.

By using intelligent, RFID-programmed cards or fobs, Senseon eliminates the need for physical keys and locks, which can easily be tampered with or stolen. Senseon systems are first and foremost intelligent, allowing managers or system administrators to grant specific employees access to particular merchandise in upscale retail settings. Additionally, Senseon can be programmed to lock cabinets and cases automatically while e-locks and hardware stay perfectly concealed. This dual effort of design and function not only streamlines security and workplace efficiency but noticeably enhances the overall customer experience–giving retail stores a competitive edge in a competitive market.

With the recent launch of Senseon Plus, the 2nd generation of electronic cabinet-level access systems, retailers can now collect useful data from their Senseon access points. Information concerning which employees accessed which display case(s), the number of times a case was unlocked, and cases that were accessed the most and least add even more intelligence to a retail store’s existing security, so managers and executives can improve daily operations and sales seamlessly.

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