This July, Retail CIO Outlook released their Retail Security Edition, in which they recognized the top ten most innovative brands that are making huge strides in digital and technological security solutions for retailers all over the world. Senseon Secure Access was included among these security companies for providing concealed and state-of-the-art RFID technology in the world of cabinet-level access, transcending the traditional lock and key for a more intelligent, intuitive system.

Dedicated to giving retailers the latest news in technological advances, digital trends, and security solutions, Retail CIO Outlook is a magazine with its pulse on the emerging and future landscape of the retail industry. Covering topics such as automation, artificial intelligence, and big data, Retail CIO Outlook continually seeks out the cutting-edge for its retailer readers.

That’s why Senseon Secure Access is proud to be recognized among its national and global peers for engineering smart and savvy security solutions that change the future of retail and cabinet-level access. Due to the integrated design and function of its components, Senseon is scalable to any business’ needs in size and scope, adaptable to any environment, and flexible to fit fixtures of any size or shape.

With the recent launch of Senseon Plus, the 2nd generation of electronic locking systems from the company, cabinet-level access control only becomes smarter and savvier with added data and metrics that track access points and system authorizations. Not only does this make traditional locks and keys nearly archaic, it provides business owners and executives valuable information about their merchandise and consumer behavior. The future of retail is in seamless daily operations, data collection, and customer experience.

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