The race to keep valuables secure has gone on for over 6,000 years. People and businesses use lock and key combinations to keep valuables safe. All the while, thieves devise new ways to break into secure areas to steal those valuables.

Innovative access control systems, such as Senseon, provide a better way to secure valuables.
Access control systems began with metal locks and wooden keys, seen in ancient Egypt. Over time, lock designers and manufacturers created more complex combinations that were harder to pick. Today, most keyed locks have five or six pin combinations, which is more secure but uses virtually the same technology.

Ultimately, the traditional lock and key system only give the illusion of security.

Securing Valuables with a Lock and Key

The reality is that anyone can purchase a lock picking kit on Amazon for as little as $10.

YouTube videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to pick virtually any keyed locking device. Videos offer how-to guides for breaking into padlocks, deadbolts, cam locks, cylinder locks, lever locks, and double tumbler locks, to name a few.

Whether it is a standard lock or a deadbolt, a professional can compromise the lock in less than a minute. It is so easy to do that young children, using household items, can break most locks with a little training. The widespread availability of information and tools put valuables at risk when relying on old fashioned keys and locking devices. Even “high security” deadbolts become vulnerable.

Breaking in Without Picking a Lock

Beyond picking locks, a thief can find a weakness or resort to brute strength to reach the valuables they want to steal.

Weaknesses can include entry through a window or stealing the cabinet containing valuables. Brute force can also break most traditional lock and key systems. A few strong pulls or kicks providing only 65 pounds of force can break the average keyed lock, which will often not provide the level of security desired or needed.

Electronic Locking Systems Provide Better Security

Whether you want to secure jewelry, cash, scheduled medications, or family heirlooms, you need real protection from loss. You want to eliminate the weaknesses of traditional locks and receive around the clock theft fortification for your valuables.

Fortunately, innovative companies have re-imagined the way businesses and homes secure valuable assets. Technological advancements can now provide higher levels of security without compromising aesthetics or requiring you to purchase new furniture or equipment.

Senseon Access Control System

Senseon offers flexible, scalable, and adaptable electronic locking systems that will work on virtually any cabinet or fixture with drawers or doors. These commercial grade locks eliminate the issues found with a traditional lock and key system.

Instead of a physical key, Senseon’s access control systems use RFID technology to authenticate each user. An authorized person can gain entry by swiping an RFID card, wristband, tag, or key FOB, making entry both easier and more secure.

The concealed locks installed into drawers and cabinets preserve the aesthetics and increase security because thieves do not immediately know where valuables are kept. The electronic locking system can withstand up to 250 pounds of break force, nearly four times the protection of traditional locks.

In addition to a higher break force, Senseon also includes other valuable features such as:

  • Auto re-lock locks the door or drawer after a set time, keeping valuables safe even if you forget to relock your valuables
  • A single Senseon reader can open up to 15 drawers or doors, allowing one lock to control multiple areas
  • The ability to authorize access by RFID card, giving you the ability to control the access of each individual user
  • Replace or reprogram access within seconds

In addition, Senseon Plus offers advanced security features as well as compatibility with an innovative audit trail software, enabling managers to track access and monitor employee activity.

With new locking technologies, you can more effectively secure your valuables. Even better, with Senseon, it is easy to integrate these new technologies into your existing security system.

Access Control System Applications

Senseon access control systems can benefit the healthcare, retail, hospitality, and financial industries along with residential users who want better home security for valuables.

To learn more about how Senseon can better protect your valuables contact us for a free consultation.