Designing a jewelry store is no easy task. Accounting for fixture aesthetics, layout, and store logistics can be a very involved task.

On top of all of those elements, deterring crime also needs to be considered. Will the glass in the display case stand up to a smash-and-grab robbery attempt? How are your products secured? How are your fixtures laid out? Can you see across the store from the register? Are your surveillance cameras covering the whole store?

These are all questions that need to be asked when designing a jewelry store. If not properly addressed, you open up your business to an array of different types of crime including:

  • Burglary
  • Smash-and-Grab Robberies
  • Distraction Theft
  • Sneak Theft
  • Internal Theft

By integrating the following components into your store design, you can rest easy knowing that your store is secure:

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance is a major part of any security schematic that gives you the ability to see what’s going on in your store in real-time or review prior events. Allowing you to take proactive measures against theft attempts against your store.

Just having a camera present can dissuade potential wrongdoers from stealing from your store. Now, this doesn’t mean to just place a camera anywhere and expect it to be effective. It is recommended that you set them up strategically to cover every square foot of your store.

Moving into the digital age means surveillance footage can now be stored using cloud services. Meaning stores no longer have to keep physical archives of tapes, DVDs, and flash drives. Everything can now go to a server and be reviewed in-store or at corporate headquarters.

Safes and Vaults

Having a safe to store high-value merchandise in overnight can be a very valuable asset in a jewelry store. In fact, Insurance carriers often require stores to have one on site. By getting a safe rated by Underwriter’s Laboratories as a 30-minute safe or TRTL-30×6, you can rest easy knowing your merchandise will be safe from overnight burglary attempts.


Your store’s layout not only maps out your customer’s journey through the store, it also acts as an asset to your loss prevention protocols. Most industry experts even recommend consulting your insurance agent

For example, Jewelers’ Mutual, a jewelry store insurance provider, recommends designing the store so customers have to walk around showcases to reach the door rather than have a straight path to the exit. This will deter smash-and-grab attempts and help customers view more of the jewelry as they walk through the store.



With display counters being the focal point of your jewelry store you want to make sure it is eye-catching. If done right, a great display will sell the jewelry on its own.

With a great showcase also comes great risk. It not only draws paying customers, it also draws those with mal-intent.

One way to deter theft in jewelry counter showcases to use a UL-listed burglary-resistant glazing material. Using this material will slow down potential thieves.

While you want your store to design to showcase your jewelry collection you always want to keep that merchandise safe. Installing a Senseon system allows you to do both.

By seamlessly integrating into virtually any jewelry case design with hidden Senseon locks, you can display merchandise and rest easy knowing that its safe from subversion attempts. With just a tap of a card, you and your staff can provide that white-glove service your customers are accustomed to with no delays.

For more on Senseon electronic locks for jewelry stores, check out our jewelry page!