The retail cannabis industry continues to grow exponentially. Every day, new customers walk in the door, interested in learning more. With each new customer, there is an opportunity to build customer loyalty and turn them into a forever customer. Yet, many dispensaries do not operate with a customer-focused business model. 

Thankfully, with some simple changes to your operation, you can significantly improve customer experiences, ensuring you bring a smile to every buyer’s face.

Customer Experience Is Everything to a Dispensary

As the retail cannabis industry continues to grow, more retailers are opening up, leading to increased competition within the industry. Who will win the customers? Those who can create a phenomenal customer experience.

Therefore, it’s worth the investment in a few changes to your operation. One survey found 84 percent of businesses that invest in improving customer experiences report they’ve increased revenue directly from their efforts. Another study found 73 percent of companies who report having an above-average customer experience perform at a higher financial level than their direct competitors.

Customer Service Is Important – How Do You Make It Possible in a Cannabis Industry Format?

Consider a customer’s journey into your retail establishment. He or she probably has some type of security checkpoint to go through. They reach the counter where dozens of products are displayed, The customer asks a few questions, gets a recommendation, and, ideally, makes a purchase.

That type of basic experience is far from being memorable. Furthermore, it’s what everyone else is doing. So what should you do?

Imagine a customer stepping into a retail cannabis space, going through a short security checkpoint, and seeing professional-looking displays. They can step up to the cases, much like a jewelry store, see the product first hand through the glass. They can then ask for an employee to provide information.

The employee can scan a card, open the glass case, gain access to the product, and let the customer smell or see it up close. There’s no looking for keys or fiddling with boxes.

Senseon systems can be discretely installed into new or existing cabinet doors, drawers, and more.

This type of positive customer experience is possible with Senseon cabinet-level access control systems. In fact, numerous retail cannabis dispensaries are already using these systems to improve the customer experience. 

Requiring minimal setup and offering maximum control, Senseon systems streamline operations by expediting transactions and providing rapid access to merchandise. 

For those seeking a more advanced system, Senseon Plus comes equipped with customizable auto relock, dual authentication, discrete access, and alarm/alerts functions. In addition, the system is compatible with an innovative cloud-based audit trail software. Using this software, managers can track access, monitor employee activity, and ensure compliance with regulatory agencies. 

Best of all, Senseon systems use flexible, low-profile components to install seamlessly into cabinet doors, drawers, display cases, and more. Your customers will not see the locks, but they will experience firsthand the benefits of this high-tech security solution, walking away with a great customer experience.

What Does a Positive Experience Like This Do for You?

When a retail cannabis dispensary uses high-tech, appealing display cases, it creates a completely different experience for the customer. The location looks and feels special and organized. It exudes professionalism.

The product itself is stored properly in a clean, easy-to-view glass case. While it is accessible to those who need it, the product is protected at all times. 

Creating a positive customer experience like this is essential for the up-and-coming dispensary that wants to make a positive mark on customers. If you are looking for a way to create this atmosphere, it’s simple. Focus on:

  • A seamless, streamlined solution for providing access to the product
  • A positive customer experience from the moment they enter the location
  • An impressive look and feel from start to finish

The combination of each of these factors leads to better results. That customer is going to be impressed. They are going to come back next time. They are also going to tell their friends about the experience. Their friends may even come with them next time.

Watch how Senseon cabinet-level access control transformed this chic West Coast dispensary.

Creating a positive customer experience centers on an initial investment in high-quality products and storage solutions. At Senseon, we are experts in retail cannabis security and can help you get started on improving your customer experience. Contact us today